The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria

The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria

il_340x270.908921281_3dqcNina had been in before, but this time in she walked with a dress on its hanger draped oh so gingerly over her arm.  The dress had that “this is special” look about it.  We could tell by the plastic.  “I think I need a strapless,” she announced.

We looked up Nina’s customer file (or as I like to say, dossier)  in our computer and it verified what we could see in plain sight. Nina rocks some big cups.  A strapless in any size can be a tricky fit, but once you get up there over G cup, well, it just gets a little more tricky.  We succeeded in finding her a strapless fix for the top – nice!, and topped that (ha ha) by finding the right smoothing situation for the bottom – yes!  I mean, when you are Mother-of-the-Groom, everything being in the right place really matters! On her way out, she mentioned her sister.  She could use some help.

A few days later, in walks Pinta.  It was her first trip to JOY even though she lives less than an hour away.  She tells us her sister Nina has been telling her for months to get here.  Her dress for the wedding didn’t require anything special in the bra department other than, “I need to look better than this…” as she pointed to her current bosom situation… “not just for the wedding, but for every day.”  We could verify in plain site that Pinta was an upper-cupper much like her sister.  In the dressing room went Nina.  Out Nina came with a whole new bosom situation.  Aunt-of-the-Groom ready.  This stuff is important.

A week or two after that, in comes Nina again and this time she’s got the Santa Maria in tow…or should I say, the Santa AND the Maria, a.k.a Grandmother-of-the-Groom and her sister – is that Great-Aunt-of-the-Groom?  These two…THESE TWO…were awesome.  Cheery, smiley, and excited for a wedding, the only thing different about these two from Nina and Pinta was about twenty years and about two feet in height. We could see in plain sight that certain other traits definitely run in the family.

By now you can guess how the story went.  The Santa and the Maria found just what they needed too.  We talked about their picture being on the mantle.  They left with their pink bags in tow.  Cheery.  Smiling.  Proud. And maybe just a little bit more excited for the wedding.

We’re making history here, ladies.  Thank you for making us part of your tale.

Sail on, sisters.

xo – Joy