Let’s Talk About SAXX

Let’s Talk About SAXX

saxxIt all started with a couple of friends of mine here in Manchester.  We were watching football on Mimi’s flat screen and all of a sudden Jeff asks,  “Hey Joy, have you ever thought about carrying men’s underwear?”  I responded that I hadn’t.  Aidn chimed in, “You should.”  Stevenson threw in, “It’s a really good idea.”  The topic surprised me.  I asked them why.  They told me that it’s hard to find good underwear….that nothing fits right.  One said he’s given up wearing jeans because his underwear bunches up.  You might have thought I was sitting there with a bunch of women complaining about bras.

About a year later, another male friend named Al asked about the shop and suggested selling men’s underwear.  He said he thought it’d be cool for town and would give him more of a reason to come in.  I might see him once a year when he comes in to buy a gift certificate or a present for his girlfriend, but if I carried men’s underwear he said he might come in more often.  I filed that in my brain too, starting to think that maybe this was a real opportunity.

Then earlier this year, a CEO friend of mine named Paul asked why I wasn’t carrying men’s underwear.  He slapped a $50 dollar bill in my hand and said, “Get some in there.  Here’s an investment.”  He’s a business guy.  Hmm.  After running it by one of my favorite couples Sid and Curtis who gave the idea four thumbs up, I knew we had to proceed.  Men’s underwear, here we come.

Our buyer Julie did the legwork and got us an appointment with the SAXX brand at the CURVE Lingerie Trade Show this August.  Turns out SAXX sees the connection with lingerie shops too.  There they were with a big booth of men’s boxer briefs in the middle of a sea of bras, lingerie, and women’s sleepwear.  They gave us a pitch and we placed an order.  It arrived last month.

Next time you walk into the shop, you’ll see a SAXX display front and center.  Their tagline is “Underwear built differently” and their DKloM5-W4AERE4Cboxer briefs feature a ball park pouch that “keeps everything in place, preventing friction and excess movement.”  So far the red solo cup print is the best seller, although the more traditional blues and grays have been moving too.  We just received a new shipment with an ugly sweater pattern.  Why the hell not?

Here are some honest-to-God unedited reviews from some some of our earliest SAXX customers.  Guys like ’em, what can we say! Warning…some of these reviews get a little descriptive…:)

Dude #1:  Medium fits true to size. Wore them for work – climbing around on a roof, hauling stuff. Like the way the fabric feels. Athletic but not tight. They “feel like they’re supposed to” if that makes sense. Everything in the right place. Washed and worn again. Awesome. Plus, my modest wife says the presentation’s “obscene.” In a good way. So there’s that, too.

Dude #2:  I was given a pair of SAXX boxer briefs as a gift. I usually wear large boxers but these were a medium and fit nicely (33 or 34 inch waist).  The knit cotton feels very silky and fine and is fairly thin compared with most brands. This results in a very comfortable feel, easy breathing, light and still supportive.  The front has a kind of pouch and also has an opening which works really well.  The lining on either side of the peeny pocket seems like it is made of a very fine synthetic fiber and keeps you very dry.  Your plums will thank you as they are gently cupped and cradled in this heavenly little hammock. Overall it feels like a very finely engineered set of undies.  Hopefully they last a long time because they will live in the front of my drawer and be the first pair I reach for when I step out of the shower. 5 stars

Dude #3:  Ummm…Holy sh*t these briefs are insane.  A.  Like wearing nothing at all (literally).  B. Super easy to wear with ANYTHING.  No bulk so great for layers.  C. Waist band is super comfortable with no seams digging into your skin.  D. Flattering pouch accentuation (at least to me, my wife will be the final judge)

Anyway, we’re carrying men’s underwear.  It’s been a long time coming.  All things underthings, indeed.  We’re psyched.

We gift wrap!

Let’s rock,