I Just Need A Strapless

She came in at the most chaotic time of the weekend. I can’t even tell you which day it was. All the dressing rooms were full. I had a front-closure, no wire, narrow shoulder, heavy tissue in one room deciding on her options of magnets, buttons, or snaps.  Lila had a two fittings going in our largest room, and Julie was ducking in and out of the third with bras in hand every time the door opened or closed. It was game-on at the bra shop.

To add to the chaos, another woman was waiting for an available room with a couple pairs of pajamas draped over her arm. I told her it shouldn’t be long. I looked around the shop and saw other women browsing. Then, out of all of this buzz… like the parting of a fog… a woman walked right up to me seeming in a rush and said, “I just need a strapless.”

Now, of all the bras we sell, a strapless just might be the hardest to find the right fit so the way she said, “I just need a strapless,” like someone would say “I just need a large black coffee” at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru struck me as really funny at that moment. I asked her to unzip her jacket so I could eyeball size her up. She said she usually wears a 34D and that’s what it looked like to me in her sweater. I went to the back and grabbed our best-selling strapless and offered her up the bathroom to try it on. She said, “Great!”

After a minute, I peeked in on her and the strapless bra looked good. Phew. I handed her a 34DD just to try – sometimes with a strapless, an extra cup just works better to help it stay up and tuck everything in. Also, going down in the band while simultaneously going up in the cup can help. Don’t be afraid to try this when you are “just” looking for a strapless.  I left her in the loo and tended back to the shop.

No wire, front closure went with the magnets which made me happy because she really needed some support and that particular no wire, front closure bra has the most structure to it.  There was a sea change as dressing rooms turned over. Pajama holder got one. I ducked in for another fitting.  Julie was getting another one finished up, and as I headed back to the stock room to grab bras for my latest fitting, I saw Lila ringing up “I just need a strapless.”

We caught eyes and she pointed at me with a thankful nod, and then gave me a loving thumbs up. I’m not sure if she went with the D or the DD, but this gesture told me she got just what she needed. In that frenzied moment of the shop being maxed out to it’s fullest potential, so did I.

What a weekend.

Love…  Joy…  Wow…

Let’s rock.

xo – Joy